What is The STABILIFE System?

The best home exercise program focused on fall prevention by increasing stability, strength, balance and proprioception.


Is this product covered by Medicare?

Our Stabilizers are not yet covered by Medicare.


Will the Stabilizers work with my walker?

The Stabilizers will fit most brands of walkers with 1” diameter legs. If your Stabilizers unit does not fit your walker once you receive it, we will gladly refund your purchase and cover shipping.


What if it doesn’t fit my walker after buying it?

Contact us via email and we will arrange the return of the product. We will even pay for the return shipping fee.


Is it safe to use in wet or icy conditions?

The Stabilizers are ideal for uneven surfaces such as sand, gravel, grass, mud, snow, and all the way into calm ocean waters. We do ask you to please watch out for water or oil on the floor as these will make the floor very slippery. When using in ice make sure to have proper shoes that have a good grip.


Can the product be used indoors after it was used outdoors?

The Stabilizers can be used both indoors and outdoors. However, we do recommend to keep it either indoors or outdoors, as it is really hard to remove beach sand from pretty much anything you take to the beach.


What kind of guarantee do you have?

Your Stabilizers product has been carefully built with the highest standards. Our staff has confidence in the parts used to build this product, thereby offering a Lifetime Warranty on the attachments for any defects that may be found. If a defect with the product is found when first received, we will replace or repair the product. Please see warranty page for more details.


Was this product tested?

The Stabilizers were tested via CAE tools as part of the product life cycle for the validation of the operational performance and the manufacturing feasibility of the proposed design. These tool allows our engineers to evaluate in a virtual way the physical behavior of the product on a millimeter scale in terms of stress, deformation, vibration, temperature, pressure, velocity, etc.
The product was tested to withstand more than 500 lbs.


Is there a discount for bulk purchases?

Yes! Please contact us via email for more information at info@stabilizedsteps.com


Still have a question?

We are here for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us at 844-691-7837.