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Stabilized Steps® is a company founded on innovation and is focused on improving the lives of people with mobility issues and balance issues, giving them independence and the freedom to move forward.

The Company manufactures an attachment for the bottom of standard walker creating a very practical device that provides more stability to the user indoors and outdoors on uneven terrain.


Initially we entered the market in 2018 with Stabilized Steps with a more stable solution for walkers, but we realized that our solution served a different purpose than that of a regular walker. The stability provided by our Stabilizer is like parallel bars on the go.


In late 2019, Deeply concerned with her grandma’s balance issues, and not been able to find a good solution, Stephanie Gomez, CEO, discovered that falls are related to the lack of a good Home Exercise Program for older adults. She also recognized that a device alone was not the main solution for balance and stability issues, and that the main solution for these issues all revolved around proper exercise for fall prevention.

Stabilized Steps is introducing the Stabilife System, an exercise program that can be safely done from home with the use of the Stabilizer.

The STABILIFE System delivers a home exercise program for those with balance issues right to the comfort of their home. This program works focuses on strength, stability, balance, and proprioception training. 

We are creating a PELOTON-like system for adults with balance issues.



Right now, we have a huge national crisis which is falls among older adults. So much so that the US Senate spent their valuable time forming a committee on Fall Prevention (1), that is because 1 in 4 older Americans fall each year, leading to more than 3 million visits to the ER, a million hospitalizations, and 30,000 deaths; Making it the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal injuries for older Americans. The CDC measures it as a 50 Billion annual cost and that is why is a huge market that needs to be addressed.

One of the main ways to prevent falls is via exercises to increase balance and stability. Participation in regular exercise can significantly improve balance and reduce the risk of falls in older adults.(2)

Physical therapy is a great way to address this issue, but in the same manner like those that took a second language in high school and can only remember a few words, if you don’t continue to practice what you were taught you will forget it. So, the great benefits of Physical therapy get lost if the person goes home and does nothing. In Fact, the lack of movement increases the probability of falls.

Research shows that exercise adherence following discharge from a physical therapy program is poor among older adults. This is mostly due to barriers such as fear of falling and fear of injury while exercising, insufficient time, lack of social support, no place to exercise, no transportation to an exercise site, and insufficient money to either buy exercise equipment or join an exercise facility. Additionally, increased stress and depression levels, increased age, decreased health status, and lack of enjoyment while exercising are also associated with poor exercise adherence.(2)

The amazing thing about falls is that they are preventable.



Note from the CEO:

When we first started our company, I used to say that falls can be a catastrophic event, but the fear of falling is paralyzing. I said this initially based on the awful stories I heard from clients and others alike. I was really motivated to help prevent more heartbreaking stories about terrible falls and their outcomes. What I did not expect was to personally experience this problem with two of my grandparents. 

Last year my 89-year-old grandmother came out of a 10 day hospitalization with severe muscle atrophy and balance issues. Although she has not fallen (at least not that we know of), she did not fully recuperate from her balance issues. Her current lack of stability and weak muscles keep her from enjoying life. She sits most of the day in the living room watching TV and her health is rapidly deteriorating. Her fear of falling is paralyzing her with grave consequences that
are affecting her life and also the family around her. Unfortunately, our family has also experienced the catastrophic outcomes of a bad fall when my grandfather fell while getting ready to shower and suffered a very hard hit to his head and passed away the following afternoon. I am making it my life’s mission to increase awareness and education about fall
prevention and to bring to the market a safe exercise program that can make a difference to those at risk of falling and their loved ones. Thank you for taking the time to educate yourself and sharing this knowledge with those around you.

Stephanie Gomez
Co-founder, President, & CEO
Stabilized Steps









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