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Stabilized Steps® is a company that is focused on changing the lives of people with mobility and balance issues by increasing their safety and independence indoors and giving them the confidence and stability outdoors on various terrain. Giving them the freedom to move forward!


Stephanie Gomez is a former banking executive who now serves as CEO of Stabilized Steps. Her business partner, inventor and co-founder Eryk Hardwick, a residential contractor by trade, came up with the idea to help a client that could not go to the beach due to mobility and balance issues. Hardwick partnered up with Stephanie in 2016 to create Stabilized Steps and give people who have trouble getting around back their independence and freedom to move forward!

 "We are thrilled to be behind Stabilized Steps because there are so many great products in the market, but very few that are truly life-changing!" says Gomez. 

A word from the inventor...


Stabilized Steps® changed my father’s life.

When my father first moved to Florida his natural love of going to the beach was heavily curtailed by his handicap. Yet over the years I watched as Stabilized Steps® changed all that. He ended up not only transforming physically but mentally as well. The ability for him to visit the beach and walk on the sand helped to lift his spirits and outlook on life while it helped his body get into the best physical shape I had seen in years!

 Jeffrey A. (John’s Son)


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