Be stable & Prevent Falls

The Stabilizer Walker is an incredible stability tool that gives you the feeling of having parallel bars on the go.

The Stabilizer as a Fall Prevention Tool

“I broke my tibia and fibula a few weeks ago in a skating accident. this device has been a Godsend. The stability it provides to get in and out of the shower is incredible. I love that the design also allows for it to go right up against bathroom and kitchen cabinets and sofas. this device is a game changer for sure. I have been non-weight bearing for 7 weeks now after ORIF surgery. I really recommend this product. It’s different than anything else on the market.”

Elly Perez

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“For my patients, masintaining mobility is a major factor for a more enjoyable life. I feel the Stabilized Steps solution helps them meet those needs.”

Ronald G. Scott, M.D.

One Tool. Many Solutions!
The stabilizer can help you with:

  • Maintaining stable posture on indoor and outdoor terrain: home, restaurant, garden, beach, snow.
  • Assisting with activities of daily living (ADL)
  • Getting up from a seated position: couch, recliner, bed,chair, toilet.
  • Sitting down safely: couch, recliner, bed, chair, toilet
  • Moving safely on slippery floors in the shower and bathroom.
  • Picking up items from the floor.
  • Getting up after a fall (non-life-threatening)
  • Performing in-home physical therapy exercises
  • Beach Work: Going to the beach as a beach walker (getting up from an uneven sand and even getting into the water)